My story isn’t any different than yours when it comes to loving and caring for your dog But,
Mr. Bronson’s elbow issue changed my life. This is my story MYDOGSWAG started out all because of a need, my dogs need. My German Shepherd, “Mr. Bronson” was struggling with our new environment here in Florida.
Having moved from New Hampshire his environment was very different. Lush grass and soft beds, they no longer were the case.
To stay cool from the Florida heat he preferred ceramic tile or concrete flooring.
Anything to keep his belly cool.
The problem being, every time he laid down he would take a blow to the elbow, creating a callus on his elbows which now was infected, inflamed and bleeding.
The incessant licking caused matters to become worse.
Next came the dreaded trip to the Vet’s office. The veterinarian really had no solutions, except to keep the elbow soft, covered, and keep your dog on a bed. I was left very frustrated.
So, I went on line to research my options, the only thing in the market place at that time was elbow butter, tape, videos on home remedies and a stiff robotic looking apparatus that was to expensive for my wallet.
I needed to find out what would work for Mr. Bronson, and his lifestyle.
Clearly the products that were available were not for us. We were active, and on the go all the time.
That’s when I became inspired to design the K-9 Callus Cuff. I designed a product that was comfortable, looked fun and it stayed on him without sliding off. Within 2 weeks of 24/7 wearing the cuff, Bronson’s elbows were healing, and the hair was now growing back on his elbows.

Walla, I found a niche, elbow protection for larger breed dogs!
The K-9 Callus Cuff was born.

The design has changed a lot since I first started, and Mr. Bronson has since pasted away.
That being said, If it wasn’t for Mr. Bronson, there would NO business called “MYDOGSWAG” my boy made a difference!
I look forward to helping the “WOOF” in your life!!