Protect your dog’s elbows with SWAG!

K-9 Callus Cuffs are handmade with love to provide comfort and protection to your dog’s elbows. Whether your dog suffers from calluses, hygromas, swollen elbows or pressure sores, these stylish sleeves feature protective elbow padding.  Our special design assures the padding stays on, allowing your dogs elbow the opportunity to heal. When your dog wears the K-9 Callus Cuff no one will wonder if there is a problem, because the cuff looks fun and fashionable.

MyDogSwag’s K-9 Callus Cuffs are perfect for the “WOOF” in your life!

K-9 Callus Cuffs

K9 Callus Cuffs
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  • Tanya P.Tanya P.

    Today was full of joy when Nala received her sleeve. It's been a long and tiring journey for my baby girl. Nala is fighting Cushing Disease and liver caner. After weeks of trying everything to cover her elbows so she could be comfortable, we finally found an angel with Bonny. Bonny heard my plea and understood our frustrations. Today my beautiful girl is happy, Thank you Bonny for everything you do for our fur babies.

  • ChambreyChambrey

    Wow what a brilliant idea executed so well!!! I had been trying to get some wounds on my boy's elbows to heal for a long time but they just kept breaking open and bleeding again with no luck. I wanted to give these a try before I resorted to another vet visit. I can happily say that he is all better thanks to what we took to calling his "trousers"! They didn't bother him like a cone and they provided padding so his elbows could keep healing even when he flops down on the floor on a hot day. These cuffs are such a good idea and made so well that they didn't get ruined with many weeks of wear and rough play. I am a very happy dod mom and have already recommended them to many of my friends.

  • Joanne M.Joanne M.
    Before And after photo's of Fritz. July 28, 2020
  • Diana and Al L.Diana and Al L.

    Dieken has experienced two ACL surgeries in the last two years! My husband and I feel like he is SO much happier since he has been wearing his Dog Swag Cuff! I will send you a photo as soon as possible!   Thank you for your talent and sincere dedication to help our shaggy boy feel more comfortable with his unfortunate callous situation!

  • Lael M.Lael M.

    I thought you might like to see Ozzie with his NEW elbow guards!! These are magic, the perfect remedy to his formerly always-bruised and bleeding elbows. He's a happy dog!

  • DellDell

    Hi Bonny,
    This is to inform you that my dog River s elbows healed completely with the elbow cuff. It works amazingly well and most importantly ( #1 criterion), River took to it exceedingly well in our tropical climate (Singapore). River is not an easy dog to care for in his old age (17 years) but my #1 fear (putting the cuff on/off a grouchy dog) was not an issue right from the start. Both his elbows had to be cleaned and bandaged twice a day before the cuff was put on - it turned out much easier than anticipated.....what a relief !! I ordered three elbow protectors from 3 online vendors (there are laundry days for cuffs too), MyDogswag was what my dog liked best. MyDogswag laundered very well and dried fast and i did not have to order a second pair, it was done during dogś afternoon nap. This cuff is like the product of days old, it works and it is well made and lasts and lasts (not to your advantage, sad to say).

  • PaulaPaula

    Roscoe got his delivery in less then a week. The callus cuff is very padded and very easy to put on My dog. Bonny also took the time to check the order, called and emailed me, stating she thought he would need a small rather then an XL. This was shocking at first, because Roscoe always needs a large item, but Bonny was correct. The small was perfect and she even took the time to refund the difference. Then the best part was a personalized letter to Roscoe and me from Mr. Bronson and Bonny. Thank you again! Will definitely order in the future.

  • PaulaPaula

    Roscoe got his delivery in less then a week. The callus cuff is very padded and very easy to put on My dog. Bonny also took the time to check the order, called and emailed me, stating she thought he would need a small rather then an XL. This was shocking at first, because Roscoe always needs a large item, but Bonny was correct. The small was perfect and she even took the time to refund the difference. Then the best part was a personalized letter to Roscoe and me from Mr. Bronson and Bonny. Thank you again! Will definitely order in the future.

  • Alisa A.

    Bonny is the best! She helped me with the sizing for Bruno and now he has perfectly fit swag! It's a joy to find someone who cares about what they do and their clients!

  • Mary Kay M.Mary Kay M.

    Can I just saw I LOVE THESE!! My German Shepherd developed a terrible hygroma near her left elbow while she was boarded with her trainer. It just would not heal and got progressively worse. After 2 months of treating it as a bed sore (I'm a ICU nurse), I finally got it closed and healed, but we needed something to keep the area protected and padded. Long story short, we have been through so many options and either didn't work or were so uncomfortable and restrictive for her to wear. These are neither! They are easy to get on and off and no matter her position or activity her elbows are protected!

  • Maria B.Maria B.

    My Apollo is 19 months old and unfortunately he has already developed a hygroma that's a little bit bigger than a golf ball and being a 100lb Rottweiler is not helping. He's had his swag for about a day now and I cannot wait until it heals. Thank you for being so patient with me and helping me by answering all of my questions about sizing and everything else that comes along with ordering for my fur baby. Here is a picture of Apollo before his swag came and with his swag on. Thnx again!

  • ReviewerReviewer

    She is a very active dog and since putting on her new K9 callous Cuff, she's been running and playing like her old self. I can not thank you enough. I'm ordering 2 more sets!

  • ReviewerReviewer

    We just got it in today and Tinkerbell isn't quite sure what to make of it yet. 🙂 Thank you so much for the help with the problem girly. 🙂

  • Michelle S.Michelle S.

    Thelma's Dog Swag helped heal her hygroma tremendously. It came in the mail much faster than anticipated and fit perfectly. Five stars, highly recommend. Thank you so much!

  • Jen G.Jen G.

    Bonny is wonderful! She emailed me to confirm Mia's measurements and asked me to call her back if I could. I measured Mia again and called her and she was so helpful in making sure that we are getting the right size for Mia. And then she told me she would be making her cuffs that day and sending them out. I was not expecting them that quickly at all! We got them in less than a week and I put them on Mia today and they fit perfectly! And for the first time in forever, out big ole baby girl can be comfortable.

  • Deidre H.Deidre H.

    My Dog Swag and Bonnie have been wonderful to work with. The elbow cuffs for my Jake has enabled his hygroma to heal and it looks beautiful now. Bonnie has shown great attention and care for Jake's problem and progress in his healing. I would highly recommend her services as she genuinely cares about her customers and their fur babies.

  • Jen G.Jen G.

    They are so comfortable and cool, she doesn't fuss at them and is sleeping in them now, which is important with a Saint Bernard since they get hot fast. Thank you Bonny!

  • Me G.Me G.

    Shipping was fast, easy to wash, easy to dry, buckle works good, buckle cover is thick and nice material, easy to put on and take off, made with nice comfortable material and the best price.

  • Chris H.Chris H.

    Turned out AMAZING! Very fast shipping and great communication through out to make sure the sizing was right. They fit out girl Lola perfect!

  • Teeny RaeTeeny Rae

    Helped my Labrador Retriever, Atticus, tremendously. These are well padded and the material is soft, like bathing suit material. He was in-between sizes, Bonny was very helpful in making a recommendation. Perfect fit, very well made, arrived much faster than anticipated.

  • TracyTracy

    I am so glad I found these elbow protectors for my dog. I almost ordered from Amazon but then I kept searching and found Bonny's product. They appear to be much more comfortable. It's so nice that my dog can lay anywhere she wants again. Quality is fantastic and shipping was beyond my expectations! Thank you!!

  • Karen K.Karen K.

    Miss Kippy with her new elbow pads made by @mydogswag. She has arthritis and developed sores on her elbows due to pressure on them that got infected. These will help protect and heal them. I was worried they be too bulky but she seems to dig them lol. And they are blue camo so she can sneak up to the kitties and they won't see her.

  • Isis I.Isis I.

    Received our callus cuff for our Bailey today, it is absolutely WONDERFUL! It is made to last with lots of padding on the elbows yet comfortable for our boy. Thank you! I will be recommending this to a few people that I know who needs it for their pup.

  • AnneAnne

    Amazing! So well designed, sized and made. The fit is just perfect, comfortable and loose and perfectly stays in place. Although our dog likes it just as much as her Halloween costume, it looks like it is making her more comfortable and so far keeps her from chewing and licking her elbows.. highly recommend!

  • ReviewerReviewer

    Thank you so much Bonny for our new dog legs!! Bonny was such a pleasure to message, was super kind and helpful. She go tour order out and to us in the mail within under a week! I really hope this helps with my dogs Hygroma on her elbow!

  • Tina H.Tina H.

    He's really liking the callus harness!

  • CogginsCoggins

    Received much sooner than expected. Helped improved our lab mix's hygroma in a matter of weeks! She did manage to chew a good hole in it one evening unsupervised - lesson for us. However, this did not effect the integrity of the cuff and it sill works well although not as attractive. 🙂

  • ReviewerReviewer

    Hartley has adapted so well to his "cuff cuff". I truly believe he knows it's helping him because willingly and happily lets us put it on him every morning. Our vet is even impressed with the structure and quality. Part of his prescription is "to keep on his cuffs". I'm so happy to have found this option because there are not many out there. Thank you!

  • Sharon C.Sharon C.

    This is fantastic. I'd rate it a 10 stars. My poor gryl was so stressed out from having to wear a cone. She took to this right from the start, and seems to be so much calmer. We tried all kinds of stuff. I can't praise this product enough.

  • Mark J.Mark J.

    Thank you for your personal service. It fits really good! Craftmanship.... went to the ver today, she was even saying how nice and functional. Another patient also commented on how well it fits... thank you....thank you.....Mahalo!

  • Ashley B.Ashley B.

    Awesome product. Fits perfectly and got here way sooner than expected. Thank you Bonny!

  • DellDell

    Thank you for the cuff protector. It fitted perfectly and River took to it immediately. There was no adjustment period needed. River was in so much pain that he needed a pain patch. Thank you for the excellent product / service and especially for the speedy delivery to Singapore.

  • BethBeth

    The Callus Cuff is very well made, and exceeded our expectations - a terrific product. Shipping was fast and the whole process was a pleasure. Thanks to Bonny's Help we got exactly the size and configuration we needed. Highly recommended!

  • ReviewerReviewer

    This is our 8 year old boy Tucket, after months of struggling with different creams, sprays and medications with no permanent success, I discovered the K9 Callus Cuff. After 2 months of wearing them, his calluses have totally healed and he has grown all his hair back. No where in Canada was I able to find a product of this quality and comfort for our Tucket.

  • Donna K.Donna K.

    Mishka sporting her new Mydogswag! Her elbow is healing up, and hopefully soon the swelling will decrease. She, of course, is not at all liking that she is unable to lick her elbow!

  • Steve K.Steve K.

    She loves her elbow pads!

  • ReviewerReviewer

    Cant wait for our new cuff to feel some relief! Thanks Bonny!

  • ReviewerReviewer

    Thanks Santa!!

  • Suzanne R.Suzanne R.

    Ava and I received her Callus Cuff today! She's been quite comfortable in it and I think she feels pretty fancy, by the look of her! Thank you, Bonny, for caring enough to work with Ava to find the right cuff for her that would work with her hardness AND her service vest! We appreciate it!

  • Amanda V.Amanda V.

    Today I received the Callus Cuffs for my 2 Malamutes and am overjoyed with the speedy delivery and excellent quality of this product! Leta and Pearl have no problems with wearing them and the fit is perfect! They currently have a hygroma problem that is causing an infection. These cuffs will help them with comfort on our homes hard surfaces.

  • Dominique H.Dominique H.

    Hi Bonny, Scooby and Thor with their cuffs. Thank you they look super cool and I know they are protected now.

  • ReviewerReviewer

    My St. Bernard started getting elbow hygroma's at almost 1 yr old. We tried different elbow pads, braces, he refuses to sleep on anything but the hard floor. He slams his elbows 1st everytime he lays down.. Within 24 hours he was limping less, 48 hours bouncing playfully. He can go up and down the stairs now without being in pain. Easy to put on and stay on, thick padding and fits right. Very fast delivery too.

  • Pat B.Pat B.

    Pretty Cassy got her Mydogswag today! We are excited that we can heal those elbows. Thank you Bonny for all your help and the fast shipment.

  • GerrieGerrie

    We just received Riley's protector cuffs and they are great. After months of wearing a cone on his head, we now have a happier and more relaxed dog. Bonny Durkin is an amazingly kind lady who went out of her way to help us.

  • NicoleNicole

    Our experience with Bonny & Mydogswag was first class excellence!  Bonny made sure the callus cuffs were fitted properly for our Rocky.  We put them on as soon as they arrived and Rocky is not bothered by them at all.  In fact, he gets up a little quicker now that his elbows are padded & protected.  Thank you for a great product!!!

  • Jennifer L.Jennifer L.

    I've been searching for a solution for my dog's rough and very sore elbows. Supplying soft beds throughout the house wasn't quite enough. Once I discovered that there are products to help on Etsy, I spent some time trying to find the right fit and once I found MYDOGSWAG I knew I had! Thank you so much for helping me figure out which size was necessary and for your quicky shipping and a message asking if it was the correct site. I am grateful you are providing this service for all the dogs who need it.

  • MsmMsm

    Very well made and worth the extra money to have my dog's elbows protected. Bonny was fantastic and talked with me multiple times to get the right fit. Arrive well ahead of schedule. Wish I had bought this sooner.

  • Cold and Angie D.Cold and Angie D.

    This has been a real elbow saver for him. He constantly licks at both elbows making them worse. I was concerned about waiting 2 to 3 weeks for delivery so I contacted Bonny and she was wonderful getting his pads to me in about a week!! I did not take the proper measurements and they fit great. Thank you so much!

  • Prq9218

    German shepherd is getting up in age and his elbows started developing hygromas. This product has helped him immensely. Easy to take off and put back on.

  • Helen P.Helen P.

    She was very helpful. Got it quickly and it's been great help with my old dog and has allowed his sore to heal. He seems comfortable wearing it.

  • Rachel B.

    Bonnie was great. Helped me select the right size. She responds quickly and I received the elbow pads sooner than I expected so my dog could heal faster. Thank you!

  • Amy M.Amy M.

    As Cyrus ages we find he is spending more and more of his time laying down, which sadly puts a lot of pressure on his front elbows. We have been to the vet many times for antibiotics, topical sprays, zencollar etc. For a time he was wearing my long sleeve shirts and I was padding his elbow with maxi-pads, which worked until the maxi-pads lost their advehsive of Cyrus peed on his shirt. I thought to myself, "We cannot be the only ones experiencing this problem." and I started googling. I am so relieved to have discovered MyDogSwag! I placed my order on June 30th and not but 3 three days later Cyrus is wearing his K-9 Cuff Protector! Thank you Bonny and Mr. Bronson.

  • SugarSugar

    Hello Bonny! Thank you for creating such an effective product for dogs with elbow calluses. Sugar has had two surgeries, one on each elbow to drain and remove the cysts on her elbows in a 3 month period. She is 14 yrs old and the healing process was extremely slow, but she has progressed wonderfully. She is now able walk around the our large property and sit on the cool tile floor (despite ours efforts) without causing additional trauma to her healing elbows. This is a great product! Thank you!

  • Darla P.Darla P.

    Thank you for such a great product. My dog Jager had a swollen elbow and my Vet recommended Mydogswag to us. They were easy to order with the help of Bonnie and arrived quickly. They are easy to put on and my dog is not bothered by them at all. It’s a great product and I recommend them.

  • Cheryl SlapeCheryl Slape

    Bruiser is a 204 pound Neo- Mastiff, although he is a house dog laying under a ceiling fan in a 77 degree house🤦‍♀️. Carpet is as bad for his elbows as concrete. I have tried everything with no solutions, until now I came across k-9 callus cuffs 🙏 Bonny was great she helped me out tremendously with all my questions and measurements, Bruiser being so large had his own challenges, can’t lie I was worried about the fit. They fit perfect I’m so happy with them and bruiser seems perfectly fine with wearing them. Please don’t hesitate to get these for your 🐶 Another benefit was I got them in a week 😊 Bonny enjoys what she does, it shows by how fast she gets them out to your dog saving one elbow at a time. Thank you Bonny

  • ReneeRenee

    I purchased the Teal Standard Callus Cuff Protector for my 12 year old Goldendoodle. I recently noticed she was forming calluses on her elbows and would let out a groan when her elbows hit the tile floor. Bonny was so patient and responsive when I contacted her about the measuring. I received the cuffs within a couple of days and was pleased with the quality of the super soft fabric and great workmanship. My dog Molly loves to wear clothes so she was excited to have me put the protectors on her. I actually got choked up when she immediately laid on the tile floor without a groan when her elbows hit! I even noticed she lays more comfortably because she is not avoiding having her elbows make contact with the tile. Once I saw they were working, I quickly ordered the same in the burgundy. That color was even prettier than in the picture.

    Bonny thank you so much for creating this product and helping me make my precious aging girl more comfortable! God Bless you!

  • Slowe23Slowe23

    Ordered the adjustable callus cuff and received it in less than a week. Fits great and my dog got used to it right away. Quality looks great and I love the padding. Stays in place when he lays on our hard tile and wood floors. I will be ordering another on in the near future. Thanks for your help and love for our fur babies.

  • AmandaAmanda

    I am very happy with our Callus Cuff purchase for our 2 Alaskan Malamutes. By following Bonny’s 2 instructional video’s (1 for measuring and 2 for how to put on the dog, tag on dogs right side!) they are a perfect fit. My girls are 9 and 10 years old and have developed a hygroma problem due to many hard surfaces around our home, these cuffs will provide comfort and healing with that issue. Sure wish We had found My Dog Swag years ago!
    Thank you for an excellent product and speedy delivery!!

  • ReneeRenee

    I have three pair of callus cuff's for my little bestie. She has the burgundy (really more like a gorgeous purple), teal and pink camo. I originally bought them to help heal the calluses on her elbows and help the fur grow back. Both of which happened quickly. In the short time since she started wearing them she has began aging at a rapid speed. She has hip dysplasia and she has a difficult time gently laying down or even staying sitting long at all and slides down to the floor with little grace. I am so, super grateful I invested in the cuffs because now I know that as she slowly slips away from me I can feel like I am doing all that I can to keep her comfortable. I would sooooo recommend these to anyone. I wash them often and if washed according to the directions they always look like new and have held up so well. Thank you so much for creating these Bonny!

  • Tara R. WilderTara R. Wilder

    I am so happy with this purchase. The material is soft and breathable, the padding is excellent. The seller was very easy to get a hold of and was quick to respond to all my questions. They fit nicely and my German shepherd doesn't even mind wearing them.

  • Rose WallaceRose Wallace

    Bonny was absolutely beyond incredible with our custom request. The product is meant for callus' but our dog has a hygroma so we needed extra padding and some custom things done so that the padding would stay in and the sleeves would stay on. Sadly our other puppy pulled the sleeves off of our dog so it isn't the beautiful creation it originally was. Despite our puppy being a puppy, we will be ordering another from Bonny simply because she is wonderful and the product is PERFECT! Thank you so much Bonny for helping us take care of our Minnie Mouse!

  • Kerrie BernerKerrie Berner great to protect his elbows and keep him from licking....will be back for an additional color .

  • AnnMarie SalinardiAnnMarie Salinardi

    Thank you so much for Tyson's "pants" They are helping so much with his calluses. As soon as he sees them he sits and gives me his paws to "get dressed." Lol!

  • MillerMiller

    I just received these cuffs and WOW..I'm so incredibly thrilled with them! Pictures just don't do them justice at all! They are so well made, the fabric is beautiful, and the padding is perfect for protecting my dogs elbows. Before ordering I spent some time talking with Bonny to ensure I got the right size..she was so quick to respond to all my questions and more than willing to modify the order to accommodate my pup. On top of it all, she was genuinely interested in learning about my dog which blew me away. I will be ordering another pair for my other dog who is older just to help her be more comfortable when laying on the tile floor. Thanks so much Bonny!

  • Paige HarrellPaige Harrell

    Einstein is loving his dog swag! My 170lb Great Dane's elbows were getting sore from laying down on hard surfaces. I tried everything possible to protect his elbows, thank goodness I found the cuffs- they have been the best protection yet! The k9 callus cuff fits great and Bonnie was such a wonderful help. Thanks Bonnie!

  • Katy MullenKaty Mullen

    These cuffs are amazing. Bonny (the shop owner) was so responsive and helpful, even though the threat of a hurricane was upon her home. She got these out super fast and the quality is superb. I will be getting another set so our pup can wear them when we need to wash them. In one week we have already seen a big difference in his elbows and he seems to enjoy wearing them.

  • Veronica SchwartzVeronica Schwartz

    Baron is a patient at our hospital and the cuff is working perfectly to protect his elbows. It is very well made and has helped him tremendously. Thank you.

  • Kelly CalebKelly Caleb

    Bonny is a kind hearted, compassionate, amazing individual! Not only did she create an incredible product to help out fur babies be more comfortable and protected, she was very helpful in the proper ordering process to ensure we got what we needed. And to top it all off, I ordered it on a Sunday and received it just 4 short days later on Thursday!! And we live in Oregon!! I can’t rave enough about these Cuffs and how my heart is at peace knowing my Boomer’s elbows will finally heal and he will be comfortable laying down on any surface! I couldn’t be any happier! Thank you Bonny!! ❤

  • David FacciniDavid Faccini

    This product is the best ever!!!!!!! I've been searching for this type of protection for my dogs elbows to help heel a hygroma that my GSD has developed and I couldn't find it anywhere but in this shop!!!! Thank you so much

  • Dennison Marlene Stroman SmithDennison Marlene Stroman Smith

    My boy Chance loves his elbow protectores made by creator Bonny of Mydogswag. You're amazing Mrs Bonny. Thank you.

  • Roxie BrewerRoxie Brewer

    We ordered the K-9 Callus Cuffs- adjustable. They are fantastic. This product is made very well. Stitching is strong and done nicely. Fabric is excellent, padding is right where the dog needs it. Love that this product is washable and easy to care for. I highly recommend this for your dog!

  • Amanda HollandAmanda Holland

    Bonny was a pleasure to work with! She was very helpful in finding the right size for my Bloodhound. The product has great craftsmanship and is very durable. Very satisfied!!

  • Lara L HoneycuttLara L Honeycutt

    Our service dog went through surgery and drainage because of our hardwood floors. His front elbows took a beating. Now he has protection and healed hygroma’s. Thank you Bonny for all the work and patience’s to help our boy.

  • Suzanne Glass-RussoSuzanne Glass-Russo

    Bonny was very attentive to making sure my Ava was sized properly for her K9 Callus Cuff, and her price was quite reasonable. I’m sure we’ll be back for a spare set for when her first is in the wash!

  • Jasmine YeohJasmine Yeoh

    Best purchase ever! I ordered the K9 Callus Cuffs for my Golden Retriever boy. Bonny made an effort to email me in order to confirm the size that I ordered is correct and make sure it fits my boy well cause the cuff was gonna travel a long way to Singapore. This sweet movement already worths 5 stars. I've tried other brand of dog elbows protector on my boy, it didn't work well as the size was way larger than it stated on its website, the material and quality are bad as it collects fur and dust, and get loose in just 1 week. This cuff from Bonny definitely has better quality and material, the adjustable belt comes with large clip so it doesn't move around on my boy's back too much. I and my boy love it!!

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