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Measure from your dog’s Withers (MIDDLE of shoulder blade) to his/her elbow, then measure to the MIDDLE of forearm. Add the two measurements together and you’ll have  your dogs’ size.

Measuring correctly is crucial for a perfect fit. Take into account the length of your dog’s legs. For example, short legged dogs will trip over the cuff if it is too long.

SIZING: (Graphic)

Small:  12 ½ – 13 inches

Medium:  17 ½ – 18 inches

Large: 20 ½ – 21 inches

X Large: 21 ½ – 22 inches

XX Large: 24 – 25 inches

XXX Large:  26-28 inches

Check out this video on how to measure!

Measuring is Crucial for a perfect fit, Measure twice so I cut once.

Use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string. If using a piece of string, measure the string with any tape measuring device you have.

You can measure your dog Standing or Laying down. If they are laying down and their leg is relaxed, follow the curve of the dogs elbow, then add the measurements from the elbow to the MIDDLE of the forearm.

There are 2 layers of padding in each sleeve, along with 2 layers of fabric. Adding more padding may cause shoulder issues due to the height of the padding.

Wash in warm or cold water.  Gentle cycle preferred!

DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER as it breaks down the fibers in the spandex.

The K-9 Callus Cuff can be put in the dryer on low heat though like a bathing suit it is best to air dry.

  1. Select color of your choice.
  2. Select quantity if order is the same color and same size.
  3. Order separately if different colors and different sizes.
  4. Add additional length on the strap if needed.
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