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Each cuff is custom made to the measurements and pattern choice for your fur friend. Sewing and shipping time average 2-4 weeks.
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K-9 Callus Cuff Protector – Standard


K-9 Callus Cuff Protectors

Hygromas and calluses on your dog’s elbows can be concerning. If your dog is suffering from these conditions, then a K-9 Callus Cuff is the perfect solution!

It’s an all-in-one-piece sleeve (or clip-together sleeve) that helps heal and prevent dog elbow calluses and hygromas. The protector offers padding and protection to your dog’s elbows.

Available in a variety of stylish colors and prints!

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If you’ve noticed pressure sores, a callus, or a hygroma on your dog’s elbows, then the K-9 Callus Cuff is just for you! All these conditions occur when dogs – particularly larger, heavier breeds – spend time lying on hard surfaces like hardwood, tile, or cement floors.

The cuff offers both padding and protection in the elbow area where these conditions most commonly occur. The padding relieves the pressure between your dog’s joint and the surface that can or has caused the hygroma or callus.

If your dog also tends to incessantly lick the area or even chew on it, then the cuff blocks that from occurring too.

The K-9 Callus Cuff is a dog-friendly and owner-friendly design! It is comfortable and can be worn during activities such as walking and playing, so it doesn’t have to be put on and removed many times a day. The one-piece solution makes it easy to place on your dog.

Best Protection for Dog Elbow Callus

The K-9 Callus Cuff is the best way to protect your dog’s elbows. But don’t take our word for it! Here is what just one of our satisfied customers, Sara Elizabeth, had to say about our product:

“This callus cuff has by far been the most well made and comfortable for him. Others we tried would stretch, couldn’t be cleaned easily, would only cover one elbow, or were too warm for him to wear comfortably year round. I’m impressed by how much padding it has and the customer service has been incredible. Love that it is machine washable!”

As you can see from this review, the K-9 Callus Cuff is designed to protect both elbows with one product, while not covering more of your dog that might be uncomfortable during the summer heat. We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our product. You won’t find a more well-made protector for dog elbow calluses anywhere else.

Best Protection for Dog Hygromas

The K-9 Callus Cuff has also received rave reviews from customers dealing with their dog’s hygromas instead of calluses. Sylvie Scrivner, a veterinarian, had the following to say about the K-9 Callus Cuff:

I was prepared for the long road of frustration and embarked on finding the perfect elbow padding… I tried other “elbow” pads and they were either slipping off, not the right size, crappy quality or impossible to keep on…and the hefty price tag just topped it off. Lo and behold, I found My Dog Swag and decided to give it a try… and I am SO glad I did! They are wonderful – so easy to put on (esp a wiggly, large pup!), they stay on, are quality made and my boy does not even realize they are on!

We are so happy to hear that our customers find the K-9 Callus Cuff so easy to use, for them and for their dogs!

How to Choose the Correct Size

For sizing: Just measure from your dog’s Withers (middle of shoulder blades) to his or her elbow, then to the MIDDLE of the forearm. Those two measurements together should be your dog’s size.

For visual measurement instructions:

EXAMPLE: My German Shepherd’s measurements to his elbow is 17 ½, and to his forearm is 4 inches. Add those together to get his size, which is 21 1/2″. He wears a size X Large K-9 Callus Cuff.

If you have questions, please contact me before you order, I would love to help!

It’s all about the dog you love!

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