Cuda, is a now a 10.5 year-old Newfoundland. When he was 9.5 years old, either a Hobo spider or a brown recluse spider bit him, in Montana the fall of 2016.

Cuda nearly lost his life from the two infected and necrotic bites on his upper right leg.  He underwent 2 surgeries, numerous doctors visits and massive quantities of drugs to survive the bites.  The extensive open wounds had to be cleaned and dressed several times each day because of exposed tendons, muscle and tissues and then they had to be protected somehow.

We tried to protect the dressed wounds by having Cuda wear a man’s long sleeved t-shirt but the loose shirt would not keep the bandages and dressing pads in place, so the constant irritation, movement of the wound site and the ongoing risk of infections of the exposed tissues necessitated we look for another solution.  We were delighted to find “MYDOGWAG” and The K-9 Cuff…and the wonderful owner Bonny Durkin.  Bonny immediately made a custom fitting and padded K-9 Cuff for Cuda.  She shipped the cuff within a couple of days and Cuda was on his way to recovery.

We struggled for over 3 months, prior to getting the K-9 Cuffs, to get his serious wounds to heal, but once he started wearing the K-9 Cuff over his dressings, the wounds began to heal much more rapidly and within 3 weeks of starting to use the cuffs, his wound had healthy granulation tissue closing nearly the entire wound. The vet was amazed at the rapid healing rate once we protected the wound and dressings vs. leaving just dressings on the wound.

Thanks to Bonny and her invention, the K-9 Cuff, Cuda made a full recovery from his bites.  Without hesitation, we recommend this protective cuff for numerous situations such as with elderly dogs that are at risk of getting elbow hygroma’s, or post surgery, for injuries and wounds and simply for your dog’s overall comfort when laying on hard surfaces.   We purchased the black K-9 Cuffs but will order the camouflage ones next so they show up better.  The black cuffs blend nicely with Cuda’s hair and he seems to love them.

With gratitude,

The Rickert Family

July 2017