elbow sores on dogsWhat should I do about my dog’s swollen elbow? Calluses, and or a Hygroma?

Are you concerned about hair loss, thickening, and swelling of your dog’s elbows?
If your home does not have wall to wall thick carpets, and your dog likes to find the hardest floor to sleep on, you should be concerned—he/or she may develop elbow callus or even elbow hygromas.

A callus is thick, hairless skin over the elbow or other bony areas where your dog puts pressure when he is sleeping or resting. This happens to Large and giant breed dogs.
Dogs with thin skin, and those that like to sleep on concrete or other rough surfaces are prone to develop elbow callus.

A hygroma often develops for the same reasons—a heavy dog with thin skin will lie on a hard surface and pressure to the elbow will cause fluid buildup. Many dogs that develop hygromas do not have hard callus and the pressure causes other problems.

If your dog is developing a callus, or he/she already has a hygroma, there is something you can do about it.

This is for all the Larges Breed Dogs in the world that need HELP with this uncomfortable problem! I came up with a product that worked for my German shepherd
“MR. BRONSON”, And It made a BIG DIFFERENCE in OUR life!

This is how it all started.

When I moved from New Hampshire, My German shepherd Mr. Bronson had no need to sleep on cold surfaces.
Mr. Bronson was use to carpet, and a Therapeutic dog bed. His job was to be warm in the winter, and the summer months he was comforted by the soft green grass.
When I moved to Florida the environment was very different for him, he wanted to lay on a cold hard surfaces like, concrete and tile floors. Calluses became a huge problem!
The skin on his elbows became sore, bloody, and then infected. Of course he licked and chewed on his elbow until they became raw.

My solutions:

First: I tried ointment to keep the elbow soft, Mr. Bronson just licked it off.

Second: I tried gauze wraps, grip tape, and bandage wraps, it would slid down his leg with any walking movement. I couldn’t find a product that would stick to his fur.

Third: I tried human elbow protector, knee protectors, and heel cups – I attached them with tape, and then bandage wrap around his shoulder. Nothing was working.
I was getting worried, and frustrated because it was getting worse.

We ended up at the Vet’s office.
Their advice? Don’t worry it happens to dogs all the time.
That wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

Mr. Bronson is a Beautiful Pure Breed German Shepherd, with ugly elbows!
SO: I Googled to see if there was a product for dogs with Calluses issues, there is but,
It was expensive, it look uncomfortable, and didn’t look user friendly.

That being said:

I created an easy way for my best friend to be protected from Calluses and Hygromas and it worked.
Its call the “K-9 Callus Cuff” (order here) It’s an all in one piece sleeve or a clip together sleeve. It’s functional and fashionable!

K-9 Cuff treats elbow sores on dogs

The product was test on Mr. Bronson for one month. He wore the sleeve daily until the calluses were gone.
At first I would take the sleeve off of him when I walked him because
People would ask, what is wrong with your dog? I didn’t want people to think Mr. Bronson was hurt or sick.
So I decided to change the look of the sleeve, he not only has elbow protection,
I gave Mr. Bronson some “DOGSWAG” and it’s fashionable.
He is the Swag German Shepherd instead of the hurt/sick German shepherd.

SO that’s how “MYDOGSWAG” became my company!

It Changed Mr. Bronson’s life!
And as a dog owner, my goal is to give my best friend everything he deserves while he is here with me!!
(Pictures of Mr. Bronson’s Callus) – (Video) of its flexibility, and how easy it is to put the K-9 Callus Cuff on you dog.