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JAN 8TH, 4:35PM

Hello, my name is Tonya! I saw your post in the German Shepherd group. I was curious how old your boy was that you lost? My boy is 6 and he has blown a back knee out and has put lots of wear on the other knee. I know i need to let him go but I am struggling with when to make the right choice and how it will be without him. I have another dog a lab mix but she is more my husbands. Rocko is my German Shepherd and he is constantly by my side. Do you have any words that can help me?

JAN 8TH, 6:06PM

You accepted Tonya’s request.


Hi Tonya, Bacardi was just 3 years old. There is No easy way or even a good time for making this decision because your heart will ache. My theory is, my dog has been there for me through thick and thin and he’s counting on me to make a decision so that he or she doesn’t suffer. And that being said, the only way to make a decision on these beautiful animals you love and adore. It needs to be selfless and about your dog not about your feelings in your pain. Please let me know if I can help I love talking about my dogs

Thank you! After I messaged you I told my husband to set up the appointment. His legs shake so bad when he walks I can’t let him go through this anymore. Our vet is a mobile vet, so we must wait a couple days for him to make the house call. Plus, I don’t want my kids to be home and watch. I didn’t think I’d be saying bye to him so soon.


It can be the most incredible time for you and your dog laying down with them telling them how much you love them and letting them know it’s okay to let go you’re not a bad person you’re doing what’s best for your baby and you being there makes a world of difference to the dog they won’t be afraid have their blanket their toys and just talk to them it’s the most sane way to give your dog what they need. Hang in there my heart is with you and I’ll be here for you to talk


Thank you


Your very welcome my new friend

You have really helped I always see older dogs passing but never a young one. Your really touched me.


I’m here, lots of prayers coming you way!!

Thank u again

JAN 10TH, 7:59AM


How are you doing?

JAN 10TH, 9:00AM

Well I’m hanging on there with the rollercoaster of when. My vet stopped by on his way home and rocko practically ran to the door to see him. The vet explained to me he will have his ups and downs of days. He said he could do the procedure but to him he wasn’t quite ready yet. I think he shows off when the vet comes because he knows. He is still here for now, but he ensured me not to quit preparing myself as the day will be soon.


Believe me, you will know when, Listen to YOUR heart.
The Vet wants to do what’s best for your baby, but you are with your baby, you know best.
Keep me posted!!
What is your baby’s name I will pray for you both Tonya!!

His name is Rocko. His legs tremble so bad when he walks or goes up stairs. I must assist him by holding his collar to go down stairs, so he doesn’t go to fast and then when he comes up them i have to stay behind him, so he doesn’t fall. His legs will give out and he will just fall wherever he is and so the stairs really scare me. I’ve been wondering for a while if he has that disease degenerative myelopathy. Not sure how to spell it. I’ve just noticed so much change. He was a dog that had to by touching me. If I stood up his head was right there touching my hip ready to see where i was going. Now I will go into another room and he will watch and whine until he realizes I’m not coming back right away then he will. Come to that room.


I understand how hard that is, Rock is in Love with you my friend!!

Thank you

JAN 18TH, 10:32PM

Tomorrow is the day! I had to make the tough decision to let him cross the bridge and be free of pain and his weight…. it’s the hardest thing and I haven’t had a dry eye all night, but I know I must let him go. You have really helped me through this tough decision and for that I thank you

JAN 19TH, 6:25AM


Oh Tonya I so sorry for your hurting heart..
Your baby is painless and free!!
The memories sometimes are not enough when you want that loving happy face at your side.
I’m here to talk about your story’s, my dogs are my world!!
PRAYERS and LOVE coming your way!!
Telling your story can heal your broken heart.

JAN 19TH, 8:54AM

It is hard that is for sure…. like I told my husband I know it’s the right choice it’s just the point he is my dog and is always next to my side that will be the hardest. Having to adapt to him not there. We agreed on no more dogs a long time ago. But I told my husband I don’t think I can do it. I’ve always had a dog, and this was my first shepherd and I love his loyalty and protectiveness. I feel safe when my husband isn’t home because I have my dog.


That’s how I feel about my German Shepherd, When I’m home alone I’m never afraid.
It’s hard to get through this process, done give up on you love and loyalty of what your heart needs.
with Love

Just not sure when the time would be right. It will be a lonely weekend with him gone, but hopefully it will be a good time to heal and things will become clearer.

I have been spending more time laying on the floor with him and being close. He will lay by me for a minute but then moves away. He usually will lay with me if I’m on the floor. Do you think he is doing that for a reason? Like helping us to part?

Last night I laid on the floor with him and my husband asked if I had any regrets on making the decision and i just started crying. Rocko put his paw on my hand licked my cheek and then laid back. My husband told me that was his way of telling me its ok and he is ready to cross.



I believe dogs understand and yes it may just be that Tonya, they love us as much as we love them, and I think he knows he’s leaving you and he doesn’t want you sad. He needs to know that you’ll be okay and that you will remember him for a lifetime, it doesn’t change the pain of the hurt it just allows them to leave us knowing that we’re okay. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing be there love on him and let him know it’s all okay.

This is him and how he spends most of his day. That is his favorite ball since he was a pup and he won’t play with it no more. That is the look i get all the time no perky ears just droopy eyes


Oh, honey I see she is ready. When is your appointment?

Not till 4 this afternoon its only 6 am here

He hasn’t gone out to go potty yet either I must force him out before I go downstairs to work


That is the worst!! Moving probably hurts, and it’s not comfortable. Is there any way that he can be with you while you’re working?

Or he may be waiting for you to leave so he can pass away quietly

I own a daycare and I’m worried a kid will land on him and he may snap if he is in pain, so he lays at the top of the stairs and I talk to him throughout the day. I have a lab mix also and her demeanor has changed towards him on the last week. She will push him out of the way, so she is closer to me. That is my husband’s dog. Also, he always lays on my side of the bed, but I’ve noticed this week she has been there and Rocko is further away. I have been secretly praying for him to pass quietly in his sleep, so I didn’t have to make the decision. But watching him try and go potty he can barely hold himself up. I have to walk him up and down the stairs and he is just sad. His ears are always back.


Dogs can smell when another dog is leaving this Earth and your other dog wants to be there for you even though it’s your husband’s dog. If you read about the pack wolf, this is exactly what they do. This is the order of the wolf World which is what your dog is. If your baby lays at the top of the stairs and he can hear your voice, that’s all he wants. Hang in there my friend

Thank you for being so kind to a complete stranger you don’t know how much you are helping me. Thank you for letting me k ow that you can see he is ready also. I ask my family and friends, but I think they are afraid to tell me the truth. And they just say he may be but I’m not sure. It’s good to have an outside opinion that also knows the breed.


God gave me one gift and it is honoring the wolf pack and all the breeds and knowing it’s time to let go and being there for people who adore their animals!! He knows you’re there he knows you love him! Your family doesn’t want you to be hurt and complete strangers sometime of the best people to talk to I feel your pain and I hurt just like you do. Remember I’m here

Thank you so much


No worries, keep me posted

I will I’m sure I’ll need to chat while I heal.



A word of wisdom I promise God will hold your heart today and your baby will be blessed at the Rainbow Bridge with all the other dogs waiting

Thank you. I told him its ok and he can go to be free.


Hugs being shared