I just lost this beautiful boy, Bacardi was rescued from a kill shelter, I found him through a third-party post. It took me over a month before I could meet him to make sure he was compatible for Kodi, (my white German Shepherd). Bacardi came with no skills of being a dog only heartache and pain, and sores that covered his body with no muscle mass or understanding about being a dog.
God blessed Bacardi in our lives for 8 months. He was a joy and full of love, enough to fill an army Troop.
Having a rescue dog means more then we can even imagine, Bacardi wanted one thing, to be loved!
If I did nothing else for this beautiful German Shepherd love is what I gave him, even if it was only for 8 months! He captured my heart and soul and was a great brother to Kody.
Bacardi will be sorely missed. He’ll never leave my side or my heart! The Sun did Shine when Bacardi walked over the Rainbow Bridge awaited by
Mr. Bronson, AJA, Shasta, Thor and all the other loved animals around the world.
My heart aches but I wouldn’t change a thing, I got to rescue this beautiful animal!
It was me that was blessed Bacardi,
I love you my boy!!

Reply From a Stranger

My heart goes out to you, dearly. I have 2 rescue shepherds, myself, so I know what it means to take on rescues who come from challenging homes/backgrounds. (I also have a Border Terrier who I had for a few years before they came into our lives so I needed to spend the extra time making sure they all bonded).

I cry every time someone shares a story with me about their dog(s) passing….. because, I also know in time, I will be where you are now, which makes this even more bittersweet.

Your video is so beautiful, and yes, you were blessed. We all are, those of us who are lucky enough to have our 4-legged companions in our lives, and your sharing your story is a reminder of that.

I will say a prayer for you, for your white GSD, because it’ll be the next few months and beyond that your pain will really be felt.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for reaching out to share your story with me… it really is in sharing him that Bacardi continues to live on…..