In February of this year, during a cold spell, a couple spotted something moving in their compost pile. The husband went down to check and was surprised to see a sickly white dog. The dog was emaciated as well as having infections all over her body, and one of her hind paws was missing due to frostbite. That couple called us on their way to the emergency vet. Delilah’s story began. She was the happiest dog and loved to meet everyone despite the fact she was severely underweight and suffering. She went into a foster while we began treating her with different medications and massage. The muscles in her hind quarters were atrophied from the starvation and she was incontinent for awhile until she started putting on some weight. She went to an allergist and dermatologist for her skin problems. She had numerous infections, including eye and urinary track infections. She also had laryngeal paralysis, which left her stired from just trying to breathe. Over the months she became healthier and her fur started growing in thick and lush. The month of July was the best month ever for her, and she had a bounce in her step and she seemed so happy. She was so happy to be alive and explore her backyard with her foster sister. Then in August her skin started breaking down again with infections. Her breathing was distressing to hear and eventually needed a sedative from the anxiety it gave her. Her spirit held on to the end, even though her body had fallen apart. She still greeted me as if I was her best friend when I went over to visit. She was in pain though, and her breathing was difficult to hear. She was telling us she wanted to go. On this past Tuesday we had the vet come to euthanize. The image of her face relaxing after the initial sedative injection will always stay in my heart-she looked like a young puppy with no stress and no pain. The picture is a recent one of her yet again at the vet’s office for her skin issues. She had chewed the callous off of one of her elbows and she had a deep infection. It must have been terribly painful, but as you can see, Delilah was still smiling.💔